A lack of real choice?

Whilst I was away on my brother in law’s stag party last weekend in Ayr, it struck me after visiting a few different pubs at just how little choice there is for the whisky drinker in our pubs and clubs.

If you wish to drink a blend then apart from the ubiquitous bottles of Famous Grouse, Bells and Whyte & Mackay, there is nothing of any half decent quality available, but even this is a veritable feast when compared to what is on offer if you wanted to drink a single malt.

I know that there are specialist pubs dotted around the country that stock varied and interesting ranges of whiskies, but surely as the ‘home’ of the best whisky in the world the lack of availability and knowledge of our product is quite alarming.

Why do we have to put up with paying over the odds for cheap blends and imported spirits, just to drink them as fast as possible, (to avoid tasting it too much?), when I think many people would be prepared to pay a bit more for some real quality, and something that actually has a taste that you might enjoy?

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Easter Break

Well, I’m off for a break over the Easter Weekend, time to re-charge the batteries.

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Rosebank, rising from the ashes?

I was recently informed that there has been a planning application to build a new distillery at Falkirk and call it Rosebank. This new site would use the old stills out of the Rosebank Distillery to produce its spirit. I find it hard to believe that Diageo would allow another distiller to use the name Rosebank, but stranger things have happened. If any one out there has come across any more information regarding this then please do let me know.

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A cracker for May!

Well, I have finally managed to complete the May’s brochure selection. Look out for a real cracker this month, Gold Rush from The House of MacDuff. This is an excellent blended scotch whisky that conatins 24 carat gold flakes. Bottled in a stylish pot still shaped bottle. It will make a great gift or addition to any collection.

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Easter is almost upon us.

As the weather starts to pick up again and the daffodils begin to flower, the Spring is here and Easter is not that far off. I really enjoy this time of year, life seems to be bursting forth where ever you look. It could also be due to the fact that my birthday is not that far off either. It has been a wee while since I last treated myself to something that Little bit special so I think I might just a have a trawl through the stockroom to see what takes my fancy. There is a delicious sherry aged Glenlivet that I could just be tempted to go for. Well hope you have had a good day, see you later.



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Minimum Pricing?

Just been reading through the proposals as put forward by the Chief Health Officer for England & Wales regarding the minimum pricing of alcohol. Not sure how this is going to be enforced, but he is looking for a minimum of 50p per unit of alcohol. Think I’ll investigate this a bit further, it should make for interesting reading.

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Mther’s Day 22nd MArch 2009

Don’t get caught out this year, Mother’s Day is afst approaching on the 22nd. Visit us at The Whisky Connoisseur and we can help you with your gift buying problems. Visit https://www.enjoywhisky.com


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A lovely sunny day

I am sitting here looking out of the office window at the bright blue sky of a delightful early spring day. To make matters even better I have the arduous task of trying to select whisky new casks of single malt whisky I want to select for our forth coming single malts collection. So far I have managed to savour the delights of a 1996 Dalmore aged in Bourbon wood, a 1991 Glenlivet and a 1992 Linkwood, both of which are out of oak hogsheads. It certainly is a hard choice to make, the Glenlivet is a supreme whisky, full of intoxicating aromas, but the Dalmore has a fantastic vanilla/bourbon edge to it that just makes it absolutely cracking. Not forgetting the Linkwood, which is a very under rated whisky, this sample really would keep you entertained for hours. Oh well, back to it I suppose, no rest for the wicked.

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Beginnings of a bright new dawn?

Drinks giant Diageo has lodged their planning application with with Moray Council to build their new Roseisle distillery. This good news signals the beginning of investment plans by companies such as Diageo, Pernod Ricard and others into the production infrastructure of Scotland’s whisky industry.

These plans are all aimed at increasing supplies of malt whisky to meet the anticipated increase in sales in China and India. With the recent announcement that India was to drop its import tariffs on whisky from 550% to 150%, demand is expected to rise, some experts are claiming by as much as four times the current level.

I just hope that in the rush to the promised lands, the needs and challenges of the UK market are not forgotten about.



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Delicious new single cask malts

After much tasting and debating and tasting again, I have finally managed to decide on the next release of Whisky Connoisseur single malt whiskies. There is going to be three new releases and all of them are really cracking drams, sourced from Scotland’s greatest distilleries.

Intrigued keep an eye out for more, I hope to be able to tell you when we will have them ready for shipping.



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