What a busy couple of weeks!

Well where has all that time gone? The last few weeks have passed in a bit of a blur, I have been involved in discussions to acquire some interesting new single cask bottlings for The Whisky Connoisseur, hopefully, all being well, it won’t be too long before you get the opportunity to try them.

It has also been a rather interesting few weeks for the whisky world in general. Diageo recently announced that it is to invest a considerable amount of money into its scotch whisky business and build a brand new distillery at Roseisle, where they currently have a malting plant. This is great news as it reinforces the current position of scotch whisky as one of the world’s biggest selling spirits and one where demand is likely to increase in the future. This is especially true of the emerging markets of China and India where whisky is just beginning to make inroads into these massive economies. This along with the news that Vijay Mallya is in negotiations to buy the whisky firm of Whyte & Mackay means that there are going to be some interesting times ahead.

One word of caution to all this excitement is that for drinkers in the U.K. there could be an impact on the choice of single malts available, as the big distillers gear up for the increase in demand overseas. However, despite this the Whisky Connoisseur will still strive to bring you the best that there is of Scotland’s national drink. You can find a great choice at www.enjoywhisky.com and if you have any queries or comments then don’t forget to ask and I will try to help.


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