Water, water everywhere and not a drop to drink.

Well the recent tropical storms to hit the UK mainland have left even more areas of the country flooded under several feet of water. What a crazy summer this is turning out to be! I only hope that the ‘normal’ sunny weather returns for July and August and we can all get to sit outside and fire up the old barbecue again.

Just on that point do any of you have a particular favourite tipple for the summer, apart from the ubiquitous bottle of beer? I must admit that I enjoy a nice tall glass of bourbon mixed long with lemonade and ice. My current favourite bourbon is J.T.S. Brown 10yo from the Heavenhill stable.



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What’s round the corner?

What’s round the corner? Well for the whisky industry it seems that there is going to be an unprecdented increase in the demand for Sctoch over the next few years. With the massive markets of China and India finally loosening their import restrictions, its seems that the Far East & Sub-continent are going to literally swallow up the old whisky lake.

This is obviously a good thing for everyone concerned with the Sctoch whisky industry, as it will ensure that the industry in Scotland remains vibrant and viable. However, it does also mean that more and more of the good stuff is going to be exported out of the home market. This is the unfortunate down side of such rapid growth in the export market, volume and value are both much higher than in the dormant UK market.

Lets hope that the big whisky companies don’t forget about home, after all if Scotch begins to drop off the radar here, why would aspiring Indians or Chinese want to drink it?



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