A lack of real choice?

Whilst I was away on my brother in law’s stag party last weekend in Ayr, it struck me after visiting a few different pubs at just how little choice there is for the whisky drinker in our pubs and clubs.

If you wish to drink a blend then apart from the ubiquitous bottles of Famous Grouse, Bells and Whyte & Mackay, there is nothing of any half decent quality available, but even this is a veritable feast when compared to what is on offer if you wanted to drink a single malt.

I know that there are specialist pubs dotted around the country that stock varied and interesting ranges of whiskies, but surely as the ‘home’ of the best whisky in the world the lack of availability and knowledge of our product is quite alarming.

Why do we have to put up with paying over the odds for cheap blends and imported spirits, just to drink them as fast as possible, (to avoid tasting it too much?), when I think many people would be prepared to pay a bit more for some real quality, and something that actually has a taste that you might enjoy?

Published in: on May 6, 2009 at 3:03 pm  Comments (1)